Congratulations to “The Stability of Icebergs and Other Floating Objects” MEGL team on their publication! The group, which includes Brandon Barreto, Joshua Calvano, and Lujain Nsair, was led by Professor Daniel Anderson and Professor Evelyn Sander.

To learn more about their amazing research, you can read the paper on ArXiv or visit our projects page for semester progress.

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You can see the current projects here and learn more about MEGL here. Stop by our poster session May 6th from 11-12pm in Exploratory 4208 to learn about our findings!

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President Washington met with the College of Science for the first time on November 4.

On behalf of the Mathematics Department, MEGL Director Anton Lukyanenko presented President Washington with a 3D-printed mathematical sculpture designed by MEGL students Quincy Frias and Marvin Castellon.

Learn how to make your own here!

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